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What to watch

Ghost dad or Half baked both have their positives and their negatives. 

Big Fish


I was thinking about death and all. About seeing how you’re gonna die. I mean, on one hand, if dying was all you thought about, it could kind of screw you up. But it could kind of help you, couldn’t it? Because you’d know that everything else you can survive.

L.A. Confidential

there are no more L.A. noir movies which sucks cause they were amazing and specifically this one simply cuz the story line is not simple it has many twist and turns and you have no idea who is going to get screwed next and i mean that both physically and metaphorically, and it is set in the 1950’s which is one of my favorite time periods also it is a cop movie you just can’t go wrong.

Run on…Run on





My dream last night was pretty insane I along with my fetus brother Joey were being held captive by a weird group of people One was an old man weirdly resembling the new Heroes villain Samuel He told Joey and I that we were free to leave when we pleased Once Joey and I decided to leave we exited out into a huge colosseum where we were forced to take on every thing that came our way These everythings included the monster that Luke Skywalker takes out in the beginning of Return of the Jedi, a few orcs, and our last task was to take on Majin Buu from the Dragonball Z series We were our weapons of choice to aid us in these tasks Joey an ax and I a sword Once we finished these fierce enemies off we were allowed to walk free Once freed Joey and I turned around and killed Samuel till there was no more of him left What could this mean question mark

BTW-Watching Pitch Black and realizing how much of a bad movie it is    its like REALLY bad exclamation mark

Your thoughts question mark

A. Why is this thing typing out all the punctuation in full word?

and b.you know i’ll destroy shit.

i wanted it to be one entire run on so i typed out the punc. points…brown does it..why cant I?!!!!HAHAHAHA

I hate you, ya ass.

Yes i do do it all the time and pitch black dose suck, so i turned it and watched LA Confidential, way better.

State of the Chicago Bears
What new head coach would you want have?
Women are like gremlins
Barney Stinson

Seriously what a awesome movie, i was blown away at how good this movie actually was and now i can’t stop thinking about how amazingly awesome it would be to live on the planet Pandora, i almost want to freeze my self just to experience something like that though impossible, but the movie still kick ass and i am also sick of hereing people say it looks dumb well i tell them to go see it before the knock it.